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At Solmoukohta 2012 the ars marte was workshopped the first time with a more diverse group. It went really well and we decided to keep evolving and exploring it. Now it will probably be used in the awesome dystopic highlight of the nordic larp summer 2014: Last Will.

Ars marte

Johan and Sofia showing the ars marte method

In order to make that easier we’re also making an article on it, similar to existing descriptions of what ars amandi is and a suggestion for how to workshop it.  Sofia Stenler, one of the inspiring creators of Last Will, helped us with some pictures to illustrate the article. You find it in full here.


Eliot Wieslander

June 2, 2014

We are extra proud to announce that Emma Wieslander is going to be one of the experts at this years larp writers summer school!

Picture from larpwriters summer school

The idea behind the summer school is just like ours, to change the world:

We believe larp can change the world. That it’s harder to disrespect, have prejudices against, or start a war with someone when you have been in their shoes. By creating international networks, sharing experiences and reflecting upon them we believe larp can promote understanding and create a better world to live in.

The goal of the Larpwriter summer school is to create this international network and to empower it’s participants with the experiences and the tools they need to create their own roleplaying games and larps.

The Larpwriter summer school is designed to take participants with little or no larp experience to the level where they have the tools and enthusiasm to organize their own larps.

What’s not to love! <3

That it’s a cooperation with organizers from both Norway and Belarus standing up for these values together doesn’t exactly make the whole project any less interesting. At least we know what to do now exempt from our own projects — to read up on what seems to be a very interesting design tool: the mixing desk of larp.