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Eliot Wieslander

May 18, 2014

Ten years ago Ars amandi was an organization, not just people who hang out and do stuff. There’s a joke that the first thing three Swedes would do on a deserted island would be to start an organization (en förening). The non profit, non governmental (although often funded by governmental subsidiaries) form of organizations is one part of the nordic larp tradition that rarely gets a mentioning or the credit that is due; by organizing with statutes (bylaws), membership, transparency, democratic decision-making and all that it’s not at all strange that an immensely participatory culture can grow.

Because we really didn’t organize anything for a while we let the organization rest. Because of new reasons, like it would be good to have a bank account that isn’t paired with a specific person in the collective and because doing anything in Sweden is a lot easier if you are a “ideell förening” we decided to start it up again.

This weekend we had a first annual meeting and both adjusted the statutes and elected a formal board. This means that you can now join in and become an actual member of Ars amandi. Right now that means that you will be able to access some more stuff on this page as well as be able to exercise your democratic right to decide things at the next annual meeting. To become a member sign up here.

Who knows, maybe you’ll have the news of what we’re up to a little before everyone else too…