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Eliot Wieslander

August 4, 2014

To change the world for the better has been on my agenda since I was a very small person. In big and small, I try. Still there are some things that feel more in tune with that ambition than other. Being a teacher, one of the experts, at the Larpwriters summer school this year wasn’t only a very humbling and thought provoking exercise in how to design and produce games, more than anything it was one of those experience where ‘change’ was the cornerstone of it all.

We had participants from almost all over the world. Canada, Brazil, Russia, Belarus and Palestine to mention a few. Most experts and content producers were, as the initiators, Martin and Martin, from the Nordics and the practical logistics were masterminded and beautifully executed by the Belarus organizers.

I found it very refreshing to sit and talk to people who are aware that they live in dictatorship and want to change it but who can also explain, plainly and without dogma, what is missing in the, often capitalist, reform attempts. It turns out that Putnam’s theory on what makes democracy work might be applicable in these cases too; a functional democracy requires trust in community, confidence in reciprocal systems and non-work activities in which people to things together rather than alone and isolated.

Larps can be one solution to all of this! Trough being part of introducing these tools I felt I could inspire and contribute, helping our fabulous participants in their future endeavours. Almost as much as I felt they gave me motivation, new thoughts and most of all some new people to admire, people who will surely better the world both locally and on a global scale.


The summer school uses The mixing desk of larp to explain the different aspects of designing larps. You can read about it here or watch Barke Pedersens talk here.

Three papers representing players before, during and after the larp

The illustration used to explain bleed.

During the summer school all of the faders were each introduced in a 15 minutes talk given by the different teacher. You can find all of them on youtube here.

I presented the faders of Bleed in and Representation of theme, possibly creating a new, visual, definition of bleed, The felt pen definition, in the process.

I also gave a longer talk on creating playable cultures.

You can find all of the talks form this year here