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Eliot Wieslander

February 19, 2015

We have a yes from our planned venue for Between Steel and Glass! We still have to do some planning and organizing to set up exact dates but now at least we can say with confidence that the larp will happen in Stockholm and that we’re planning on doing it the first half of 2016.

Just home from a brilliant Knudepunkt with way too many people to be able to talk to them all leaves us all tired and sad to miss all the lovely people but also very happy. Knudepunkt is a larp convention that originally was a Nordic affair but that has now evolved to a truly international get-together with participants from more than 30 countries. This year we were exceptionally proud to have two of the twelve keynotes performed by people who’ll be involved with Between Steel and Glass!

You will in a near future find them on the official Knudepunkt blog:

  • Jamie MacDonald on rules: Our Genre Can Beat Up Your Genre (And Your Genre Will Enjoy It)
  • Oliver Nøglebæk, who together with Josefin Westborg talked about How we as players approach characters.

We were also very proud to present two physical workshops! Johan Lundby did a workshop on Ars Marte together with Sophia Stenler that had some very valuable comments from the participants. The method, now having been tested at two games, has evolved some and we are working on making some of that available.

I also made a workshop on gender: Playing gender performing drag and we had a very lovely time being reminded that learning through the bodies experience is a very effective way to truly learn and explore.

All in all good stuff!