Mellan Himmel och Hav

Mellan himmel och hav, or in English, Between heaven and sea, is the first in a trilogy and the largest project Ars Amandi have completed. The project included two weekend workshops in Stockholm, one in Gothenburg and two in Copenhagen and a 72 hour long larp and multi art project at Swedens National Theater.

The final event were a larp but also featured light art by Benedikte Lindström and a 72 hour long specially composed piece by Henrik Summanen. The project was supported by Riksteatern, Rikskoncerter, Sverok  and Sverok Stockholm. It was produced by Katarina Björk and Created by Emma Wieslander.

The game was voted “the most influential game so far” by the 2009 Knutepunkt by it’s influential work on gender, methods and the way it contributed to create a new political discourse in Nordic Larps.


Creating Music for Live-Action Role-Play  by Henrik Summanen: Published in Beyond role and play 2004

Infinite Possibilities: Mellan Himmel och Hav From a Science Fiction Point of View by Karin Tidbeck: Published in Beyond Role and Play 2004

Mellan himmel och hav by Jaakko Stenros: Published in Nordic Larp 2010

Positive Power Drama: A Theoretical and Practical Approach on Emotive Larping by Eliot Wieslander in Beyond Role and Play 2004

Rules of Engagement by Eliot Wieslander: Published in Beyond Role and Play 2004 and in The Foundation Stone of Nordic Larp p133 2014

Temporary Utopias by Tova Gerge: Published in Beyond Role and Play 2004 and in The Foundation Stone of Nordic Larp p59 2014

The game was played in Swedish (and some Danish) and the web page was also in Swedish. As a service to players who wanted to read it off line we put it all in a pdf. Here’s that pdf from Feb 18th 2003: Pdf030218

Video presentation

Presentation about the game by Eliot Wieslander – Portraying Love and Trying New Genders from Nordic Larp Talks 2010.