Biomass Different kinds of genetic material, including sperm that can be used for production purpose.
Bloody Slibas gang Neighbouring turfs gang. Ruled by Jamil
Brian King in the Green rabbits gang, a potential threat and host of the council.
Community What people call their equivalent of “society” or “nation”. Insofar they know there’s only one.
Fate-play Very similar to special instructions fate-play is a method for organizers to instruct players. A fate is something that has to be done (insofar it’s possible). Usually it’s a way to empower players to do things that might otherwise be thought inconsiderate towards other players or the organizers perceived narrative.
Fiefdom The whole region that a King has claimed as his. Generally it’s only the more rural area outside of the actual turf that’s referred to when the fiefdom is mentioned
Gelled A castrated man. In a lot of ways considered to be a woman except that they also can move among men.
Great snake’s sister One of the old gangs that doesn’t exist any more. They where overtaken by Brians gang the Green rabbits
Green rabbits gang A new gang lead by Brian. They took over the Great snake’s sisters turf
Handlers The people that work with the producers making sure that they can be handled and produce. Sometimes also called extraction workers.
Hirdu All soldiers belong to the King. The hirdu are the kings special guard, the most trusted.
Jamil A rival and neighbour, king in the Bloody Slibas gang
Kernel The core or treasury of a king. This is his fortress and treasury
King The ruler over a gang. His worth is measured by possessions (wives and gelled), loyal soldiers and paters who’s vowed fealty.
Leif The king of the old Brewery gang, the King and owner of the people living in the Kernel where we go in the steel world.
Long points gang The turf neighbouring to Yousuf (the Tanglewood) and Brian (The green rabbits)
Pater A loyal man who’ve earned the privilege to marry one or more women. He then pledges a new bond of loyalty to the King and might get to have soldiers too. Not all paters are soldiers. Usually most craftsmen become paters sooner than soldiers do.
People Humans within the xx-genetic variety. (Women)
Producers Producers (unlike workers) are men and not people. They live because their bodies produces (not works).
Product The raw product of the St Barbara unit is sperm. It’s refined, sorted and prepared into different goods like embryos or insemination-shots
Production unit A production unit is a settlement in the glass world. All settlements produce something but it doesn’t have to be a physical product.
Runtime When the game is actually played. Not including minigames or workshops.
Sobarica A female slave to a kings or paters wife.
Social work People who does not work in production of services or material things are generally considered to work in social work, that is establishing the societal functions and working on a deeper level to create sustainable settlements.
Special instructions Instructions given from organizers to players on actions or similar that they are expected to perform during runtime. One version of this is fate-play.
Storyteller Someone in the Kernel who has the role of starting and moderating the storytelling, a central activity for the wifes.
Tanglewood gang A rival, neighbouring, gang ruled by Yousuf.
The old Brewery gang This is the gang that the soldiers in our story are members of. It has been ruled by Leif for the last 14 years.
Trader A person who’s work it is to exchange goods between the settlements. There are no money and everything it either traded, gifted or bartered depending on what the nessecity of the goods in question. All this is done through the traders, the only ones that travel very frequently.
Tristan King of the Long points gang. A former enemy but now allied
Turf The core area of a kingdom. This is often more citylike with preserved houses. It’s patrolled and guarded.
Yousuf A neighbour and rival. King of the Tanglewood gang. Only 11 years old.


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