Between Steel and Glass

“The world as we know it has ended, collapsed. Multinationals, global companies have, for all intents and purposes, taken over world government. The nation states have, as a last attempt to bring order, launched a war to end all wars, only to bring further chaos. Where do we go from there?” This is the story behind the multimodal co-creational project of Between Steel and Glass.

This story is not about war, not about chaos but about the “truths” we keep telling ourselves about our humanity. What if what we say about “men” and “women” are really true? How would the outcome of our catastrophe be if they were? Where does concepts such as fidelity, freedom and honor fit in and if we find out can we plan for a better world, right here, right now?

Between steel and glass is a nordic co-production focusing on freedom, gender and the future, through laborative process consisting of, among other things, a drama live action roleplaying (larp) event in two parts and a spin off lecture tour for schools in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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