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The overall objective of this project is that of any artist wanting to affect others, change the world, make political commentary and make the experience of that happen. What is different here is that it’s not one artist, not one comment, but as many as there are people engaged in it. The hope is to create impact, to reach people, both players, organizers of other events, games and projects as well as young people, growing up in a system that idolizes making choices in the name of freedom but in a normative setting.

The frame of objectives is here to discuss the concept of freedom, of stereotypes and of honor versus other values. This is done through looking at gender and equality in a broad and fictive perspective but with the words and implications of our contemporary world. It is done by asking the question; What if…?

Larp utilizes co-creational processes that mainly focus on the game it self. Sometimes groups create their own equipment or even plot. This project aims to make the process as such co-creational to a larger extent. This is in a way a crowdfunding, or outsourcing, of sorts. We call it crowdsourcing.

In post larp projects the co-creational part largely happens after the point of organisation. When  you crowdfund you say you need x amount of money to make a project happen; for this kind of idea it’s not money that is the limiting factor, but work hours. This is sometimes done in a less direct way. The process of making Between steel and glass has as a production goal to create a sustainable method of crowdsourcing. In this the project team retains ownership of delegation and main goals and others provide task-based workforce the task -based workforce, based on the activities in the LFA matrix. Activities that are crowdsourced can be anything from building the set to making the right phone call. People pitch in because they want to see the project done, donating time, hours, contacts, but not necessarily stepping in to take responsibility, or even not knowing that they themselves are going to any of the events.

The project will still require some money to complete. The main cost will be related to venue and food, next is reimbursement for travel while creating it etc. Most of the money will come from participants in the games but the project will also apply for funds for it’s innovative approach. There will be a possibility to overpay for tickets to make it possible for others to pay less or just to donate too.

If you know already that you want to make this project happen. Talk to us <3


Ars amandi is also a non profit organisation. It is a way to make sure that there is a clear cut distinction between the organizers and the project, particularly when it comes to money. The organisation is the foundation of our work and is organized as a typical Swedish “förening”. That means we’re democratic, have annual meetings, membership fee and activities. Anyone can become a member. You can read our statutes here and then proceed to the membership application.