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Not that we presume to answer everything yet…

What is Larp?
What is the Ars-Amandi method?
What do you mean with a fluid collective – aren’t you an organisation?
When will Between Steel and Glass be run?

What is larp?

Larp is an abbreviation of live action role play, meaning a real life played out version of table top roleplaying games, like the ones that came out of the sixties/seventies dungeons and dragons or the different Tolkien societies and such. Since then the media has mutated and developed into many different things. What we do is sometimes called Drama larp or Nordic larp since it developed in the Nordic countries and has a drama focus, just like not all movies are comedies or thrillers. To read more on Nordic larp, read the fabulous illustrated book or visit the excellent Wiki, which is really like a rabbit hole into the scene. Every year there’s a conference where interested people meet and talk, workshop and exchange ideas. From each year there’s a book. To get the deeper look into the plethora of articles you can start of with this interesting compilation.

What is the Ars amandi method?

The Ars amandi method is a way to play sexual and sensual physical interactions where you want the player and the character to experience different things, much like when you use heavily padded sticks instead of swords to play forms of violent interactions where the possibility for the character to sustain injury shouldn’t mean that the player would be willing to do the same. You can read a lot more about it here.

Is Ars amandi an organisation?

Yes and no. There is a democratic non profit organisation by the name Ars amandi that you as an individual can become a member of. This gives you the possibility to support the work we do in more ways than joining in with work. To become a member doesn’t mean that you are an organizer of Ars amandi games (although anyone can of course use the methods we put out there). Creating organisations like this is a very nordic (or even swedish thing) that enables us to have a democratic system of organisation and bank accounts that follow specific tax regulations for non profit groups, as well as add at least one layer of security for participants who pay to an event as the money can only be used by the organisation. If you want to support and be a part of what Ars amandi does check out our join in page. If you’re curious about the creative collective, contact us and read about us here.

When will Between Steel and Glass be run?

Between Steel and Glass is the next planned event in the trilogy of Between the worlds. The first  part, Between heaven and sea, were produced in 2003 and since then the sequel have been in production. Due to loads of fortunate and unfortunate events the dates have been pushed forward. The current plan is to make the project happen during 2014-2015. You can read more about it here.


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