Ars amandi is a fluid collective of larp wrights that sometimes collaborate. The main focus of Ars amandi is creating participatory performances, usually as larps, packed with a positive power punch. Reoccurring themes are love, class, gender, freedom, normativity and passion. Not everything in these themes are positive of course and within these strong emotions are many pitfalls and abysses of despair. Yet, the focus is to continue creating diversity in what narratives we tell about these things as they are many facetted, rich and full of promise and drama beyond black and white accounts of popular western culture.

Ars amandi was started in 2002 by the only more or less permanent member Emma Wieslander. The most well known project was Mellan himmel och hav (Between heaven and sea) 2003. In order to create that process several methods where constructed. One got its name from the collective and is now known as the Ars amandi method, a way for characters engaging in sexual activity without players doing so too.

Since 2011 another permanent member is Johanna MacDonald, among other things known from Walkabout and The Lovers matchmaking agency.

Johan Lundby, internationally known HEMA fighter, long time larper and co-organizer has been an on and off member and joined the team 2012 to develop strategies for fighting known as the Ars marte.


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